Witness Niklas Kronwall’s devastating hit on Jakub Voracek in Red Wings vs. Flyers (VIDEO)

Every culture has its own term for it. The Spanish call it "destruido." The Dutch refer to it as "vernietigd." In English, it translates as "destroyed."

In the NHL, there's only word that can describe what happened to Jakub Voracek of the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday night vs. the Detroit Red Wings: Kronwall'd …

Here's the full video:

Niklas Kronwall laid out Voracek in the second period of the Wings' game in Philly with his typical aplomb; no player in the NHL uses the back of his shoulder more than the Detroit defenseman.

There was no penalty on the play other than an unsportsmanlike conduct on Zac Rinaldo, and Voracek did not return to the game.

Should this warrant a suspension? Of course not. It's a brutal, legal hockey hit that caught Voracek with his head down, attempting to finesse the puck with one hand along the boards. He glances up before he plays the puck. He knows there's a defender near the blue line. Made he didn't know it was Swedish one-man wrecking crew, but he knew someone was there, and ran the risk.

Scary scene, and you hope Voracek isn't seriously injured. But that was just a wicked example of the kind of hit that should be left in the game.