Witness Henrik Lundqvist goalie mastery with GoPro camera on mask (Video)

The GoPro camera revolution continues to produce footage that brings you so close to the ice that it frostbites your face.

After that P.K. Subban trickery last time, the latest clip features Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers, stopping shots with a camera strapped to his mask. It gives you such a sense of his speed and reflexes, as well as his positioning. Although he really needs to wear one of these things with Wayne Simmonds parked in front of him to get a real sense of his nighty work.

And yes, there are a few classic Lundqvist ‘soccer header' saves.

So enjoy the goalie prowess of Henrik Lundqvist. With a camera located just inches away from his perfect Swedish face. Swooooooooonnnnnn…