Witness Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Final fan costume party

BOSTON — Outside of TD Garden, Boston Bruins fans commingled with Vancouver Canucks fans in a combination street fair/beer garden/place to take photos with small bears. The scene included this fan who decided to mock both Alex Burrows and the Green Men and, in the process, make us all feel very, very uncomfortable.

Coming up, a collection of photos from outside of Game 3 that range from the scary to the charming to the Jersey Foul.

And here … we … go.

The Timmy Girls were in fine form to support Boston goalie Tim Thomas. They're taking applications for someone to be the second 'M' to take some of the pressure off whats-her-name.

This man, wearing an Eddie Shore sweater, would be much more impressive had his beard been made of Africanized killer bees.

The shield says it all. Well, save for telling us why Shawn Thornton was outside of the Garden before game time.

HUZZAH! It's Lord Stanley, the King of Cups. Yes, that is a Stanley Cup charm around his neck. And a large flowing robe.

There was plenty of face paint before Game 3, although this is more like skull paint.

This was probably supposed to be yellow and black paint that somehow became Canucks green, but it's still a hell of a look.

I talked to this man. He said he wore it as a celebration of hockey. I'm pretty sure the good readers of Puck Daddy would disagree.

And finally ...

Someone really missed out on a boatload of quick cash by not mass marketing these before Game 3. Brilliant, sir.

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