What Winter Classic looks like from best, worst seats in Big House (Photos)

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According to the NHL, there were 105,500 tickets sold to the 2014 Winter Classic at The Big House at the University of Michigan.

The first thing to know about these seats: The vast majority of them are metal bleachers. Hence the cushions that will be there when fans arrive, to limit the numbing of extremities in the sub-freezing, snowy weather.

Some of them are good seats. Some of them are … well, to be honest, there isn’t a bad seat in The Big House, having walked around the stadium and checked the site lines. Unless you’ve decided to sit in the front row, but after six outdoor games in five years, you should know better.

Coming up, a look at some of the sightlines for the 2014 Winter Classic:

Section 34R, Row 96, Seat 13

One of the end zones. A seat in Row 81 is going for $364.80 on Stub Hub.

Section 23, Row 96, Seat 12

Center ice under the press boxes, where there are chairback seats instead of bleachers. Tickets on Stub Hub range from $142-$364.

Standing room W11

There’s some question as to whether these were actually sold, although there are seat cushions located on each standing room square. These were going for $89 during the initial offering for Winter Classic tickets.

Section 8, Row 96, Seat 13

These are located in the corner of the stadium, near a massive private box section that juts out in front of the highest seats. Tickets are going for $81.00 for Row 89.

Section 1, Row A, Seat 23

The front row of The Big House, near the players’ entrance. The closest seat available on Stub Hub was Row 12 at $244.

Section 12R, Row A, Seat 15

The first row of the end zone. Yes, that’s the goal post. No, we don’t know who’d want to sit here either. Row 9 is going for $125.

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