John Tortorella serenaded by Winnipeg Jets fans with mocking chant during Rangers loss (VIDEO)

The mocking chants of Winnipeg fans have quickly become synonymous with Jets 2.0 home games, from the brutally hilarious “silver medal!” in honor of Ryan Miller to the equally entertaining “Crosby’s better!” chant that welcomed Alex Ovechkin to Manitoba.

On Thursday night, Winnipeg Jets fans added another chant to the songbook: Serenading New York Rangers Coach John Tortorella, in his team’s first game since his infamous “we sucked at a time you can't suck” lament.

Why did the Jets fans chant his name? Who knows? Maybe they were needling the coach of the ninth-place Rangers, who now trail Winnipeg in the standings. Maybe they figured a mocking arena taunt would set off his famous temper. Or maybe he just has a really chant-able name, come to think of it.

What did Tortorella think of the chant? Well, some brave soul asked him about it following the Rangers’ 3-1 loss. It went like this (via Illegal Curve):

REPORTER: How did you feel about the Tortorella chant?


RANGERS SPOKESPERSON/KEEPER OF THE TORTS: Next question. We’ll take the next one. Anyone have anything else about the game? OK, thank you.

TORTORELLA: Thank you.

No, thank you, sir. At least he was nice to Sam Rosen after the game, for a change.

NHL video from Yahoo! Sports:

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