Winnipeg Jets fans mock Sharks with ‘who’s your captain?’ chant (Video)

The San Jose Sharks took the captaincy away from star Joe Thornton last summer, opting for a four-player alternate captain leadership group that included … well, Joe Thornton, quite confusingly.

That captaincy was in the news recently as Thornton and GM Doug Wilson revealed behind the scenes tension over that move.

If there’s one thing we know about the chant-happy fans in Winnipeg, it’s that they know their current events. So in the third period of the Sharks’ 5-2 loss to the Winnipeg Jets, the fans at the MTS Centre hilariously started a “WHO’S YOUR CAPTAIN?!” chant, asking a question the Sharks have no doubt been asking themselves since last summer.

This chant enters the pantheon of great Winnipeg fan chants, along with the brutally hilarious “silver medal!” in honor of Ryan Miller to the equally entertaining “Crosby’s better!” chant that welcomed Alex Ovechkin to Manitoba to the still-baffling “TORTORELLA” chant.

Oh, and there was also that time when they threatening to all show up wearing hockey helmets to mock that Chicago fan who stole Adam Pardy’s.

These fans are reason enough to hope the Jets make the playoff cut for the first time. Can you imagine the atmosphere for a first-round home game? Better yet: Can you imagine the comedic potential?