Winnipeg fans prepare to mock Blackhawks helmet thief with ‘#HelmetPardy’

While the Winnipeg Jets haven’t exactly established a winning reputation on the ice yet, their fans have earned their reputation as perhaps the most passionate in the NHL, from their record ticket sales to their brilliant mockery from the stands.

(Oh man, that “silver medal” chant still stings.)

On Thursday, Nov. 21, Jets fans are taking the hockey ridicule to another level -- with prop comedy.

The Chicago Blackhawks are in town. The last time the teams met was on Nov. 6 in the Windy City, when Adam Pardy of the Jets was checked through the glass by Brandon Bollig of the Blackhawks. With his torso balancing on the boards, Pardy had a beer dumped on him and his helmet stolen by a Blackhawks fan, who then placed it on his head before being ejected from the arena.

The Blackhawks apologized for the incident, but you didn’t really think Jets fans would fail to mark this occasion, did you?

Behold, the “#HelmetPardy.”

The idea was cooked up by Dave Wheeler, a DJ on 92 CITI FM in Winnipeg, who suggested that 15,000 Jets fans show up wearing hockey helmets to the game.

“Show the Hawks fans that we don't need to steal helmets, we have our own!” he tweeted.

(Hey, if they all have helmets, all we need is Adam Burish to come back to provide them with gloves.)

The idea took off like ... uh … like a really fast airplane. The MTS Centre Chants Twitter feed – home of the 10 Commandments of Jets Fans – championed it, and soon message boards were passing around the viral poster seen above.

Soon, “#HelmetPardy” was a trending hashtag.

Wheeler's station got in on the act too, offering the chance to win Black Sabbath tickets to fans who Instagram their helmet photos from the game. (Black Sabbath tickets, we imagine, being the Manitoba equivalent of winning a 2014 Lamborghini in other locations.)

These are Jets fans we’re talking about, so we fully expect to see 15,000 hockey helmets dotting the stands on Thursday night. (OK, maybe 14,990 … let’s assume Jonathan Toews gets a few tickets to give to friends and family in the ‘Peg.)

And then we’ll all sit back and hope someone in a Winnipeg sweater tallies a hat trick against the Blackhawks, just to see what happens. Because you thought Teddy Bear Tosses were chaotic …

s/t Solo