Wings or bust for Holmstrom; Diaz, Habs avoid court; BJs covet Bernier? (Puck Headlines)

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• Redditor "77Columbus" shared this Boston Red Wings sweater (in Minnesota Wild forest green) with the note, "My friend found this gem in South Korea." Oh Hell no. [Reddit Hockey]

• Jonathan Bernier could learn a thing or two from Cory Schneider, according to Tony Gallagher. [Faceoff]

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• It would appear that the Columbus Blue Jackets have made inquiries about Bernier, such as, "Does he know he's allowed to wear big pads? Our other guy only recently found out." [Blue Jackets Xtra]

• Raphael Diaz and the Montreal Canadiens have avoided arbitration, agreeing to a two-year deal. [Darren Dreger]

• Tomas Holmstrom, on his options in free agency: "It's playing in Detroit, or nowhere else," Holmstrom said. In other Holmstrom news, he'll be the grand marshall of a parade on Saturday. Expect the parade organizers to expend a lot of energy trying unsuccessfully to move him out of the way so the people behind him can see. [Detroit News]

• What good is a no-trade clause when the player wants out? [Winging it in Motown]

• Awesomeness: the Sabres will be building a statue in honour of the French Connection. [Sabres]

• It sounds as though the rumoured, 3-year, $30-million offer to Alexander Semin is a fiction, like most of what we know about him. [SI Red Light]

• Why James Van Riemsdyk at centre is a bad idea that will only homogenize the lineup. [Leafs Nation]

• Ellen Etchingham takes issue with the hockey ideology behind Cam Janssen's now infamous interview. "When Janssen talks about his role on the ice, it consists entirely of this: fighting whoever is willing to fight him and head-hunting whoever has the puck." [The Backhand Shelf]

• Lest we forget, Rick Nash is kind of screwing the Columbus Blue Jackets. [SB Nation]

• Kevin Allen counts down the top remaining NHL free agents. [USA Today]

• Hockey's Winter Classic is held up as a template for the sort of event that should replace all-star games in all professional sports leagues. "Leagues could replace the all-star games by making showcase events out of regular season games played in oddball venues, something that has proven to be successful in recent years." [Forbes]

• Here's Roberto Luongo and his brother Fabio being interviewed after making it to Day 4 at the World Series of Poker. Watch for the curious moment where Luongo appears to be mouthing what his brother is saying. What's that about? [Poker Listings]

• The Pittsburgh Penguins have signed Benn Ferriero to a one-year, two-way deal. [Pensburgh]

• Two hockey moms in British Columbia have filed a discrimination complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal over additional fees charged to female hockey players by the Chilliwack Minor Hockey Association. [Vancouver Sun]

• Dominik Hasek's agent, Ritch Winter: "He will play and he will excel." [PHT]

• There's this theory that teaching children to bodycheck at an early age will help prevent injuries later because they'll develop an instinctive ability to protect themselves from hits and injuries. This university of Alberta study debunks that. [Science Daily]

• Here's some Henrik Lundqvist Disney prince fan fiction for you. [Wrap Around Curl]

• If you've got 10 minutes, this video by Youtuber "TheAncientDirtBag" is just a fantastic recap of this year's Stanley Cup Final.

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