Why can’t Rangers and Devils fans just say something nice about their rivals? (PUCK DADDY MINI-DOC)

Despite being a New Jersey Devils fan for over three decades, I don't have a problem paying a compliment to our archrivals from across the river. For example, the spelling on their jerseys is impeccably accurate. Well, most of the time.

From Marty "Fatso" jokes to "Queen Lundqvist" signs, you're hard-pressed to find mutual admiration in this rivalry. But we tried. Here is a Puck Daddy Mini-Doc in which we asked Devils fans to say something nice about the Rangers, and Rangers fans to do the same about the Devils, before Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final.

So, in summary: "No." Although the Devils have cold beer, the Rangers have patriotic jerseys and Henrik Lundqvist is a "good goalie." Oh, and "Matteau." But the Flyers fan was insightful.

Today's assignment in the comments: Say something nice about your archrivals.

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