Why the Stanley Cup is your bestest friend ever! (Video)

Kids' CBC is a block of shows that airs every weekday morning in Canada on the CBC. Since it features no commercials because we hate the idea of advertisers influencing our kids when we leave them in front of the TV for hours every morning, the airtime between programs is filled by the hosts of the block, Patty Sullivan and Sid Bobb.

For years, Patty and Sidd were occasionally visited by pals like Mamma Yamma (a yam), Saumon de Champlain (a french salmon), and Captain Claw, (a lobster). But this year, the block was revamped and these pals were, sadly, retired.

Still, other special guests do happen along occasionally. Recently, for instance, Patty and Sidd spent the day playing with their new friend Stanley (a cup):

Your (or at least my) Canadian tax dollars at work.

Now, before you start snarking on this segment, you should know that A) it's for preschoolers, because as Canadians, we believe it's important that our children can recognize the Stanley Cup before they can form complete sentences, and B) Patty is a national treasure, and the star of my heart, so don't you dare.

Still, a few minor gripes: first, if the Stanley Cup needed 3-D glasses, I'm not sure that's where they would go. That means the bowl is basically its hair. I don't buy that. Seems to me the glasses could be higher.

Second, don't let the year-old song references (Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy) fool you: this is from last month.

And third, everybody knows the keeper of the Cup isn't letting the trophy ride a scooter unsupervised.

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