‘Why This Cammalleri Leave’: The snarky musical valentine to Canadiens trade (Video)

Puck Daddy

This Sunday marks the 1-month anniversary of perhaps the season's most shocking trade: When the Montreal Canadiens dealt forward (and candid critic) Michael Cammalleri to the Calgary Flames during a game in Boston, with Rene Bourque the centerpiece of the return package.

An offensive standout, a playoff hero, a building block for the future … all gone in an instant.

It was enough to make a Habs fan go emo and record a forlorn musical sendoff that channeled their frustration, anger and melancholy. Which is what Gurshaan of DesiComedy did, in "Why This Cammalleri Leave?'

From YouTube, a description of what the hell you just witnessed:

Gurshaan was still feeling the pain a few weeks after the blockbuster trade between the Montreal Canadians and Calgary Flames which sent his hero Mike Cammalleri back to Alberta. Inspired by Anirudh & Dhanush's moving "Why This Kolaveri Di" smash hit and Kolaveri Di cover instrumental by Advait Nemlekar, he put his suffering to song with UK superproducer Indy Sagu to remix and record his outcry.

Congratulations for striking that unique Habs fan balance between kicking a player out the door while also cursing the day management was ever hired. We eagerly await the next tribute song after the trade deadline; any way to retrofit Hal Gill's name into a "Jai Ho" cover?

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