Why 11-year-old twins’ $50,000 goal prize is in doubt

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Please recall on Saturday when we told you about Nick and Nate Smith, 11-year-old twins from Minnesota who are in the middle of a controversy that could see their family either awarded or lose $50,000.

During a celebrity charity hockey game at Shattuck St. Mary's High School in Fairbault, Minn., raffles were being sold to win a chance to take a shot from center ice through a 3 1/2-inch cutout and take home $50,000. Nick bought a ticket and ended up getting his name called, but he was outside when the announcement was made, so twin brother Nate stepped in to take the shot.

Nate sank the incredible 89-foot shot to the delight of everyone in the crowd, but the next day the boys' father came forward and admitted the twins had switched places. That admission has put the Smith's $50,000 prize in jeopardy.

Here's CBS's "Early Show" talking with Nick, Nate and their father Pat:

The event was underwritten by sports specialty events insurer Odds On Promotions, which told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday that no decision has been made yet about whether or not to award the prize despite the switch.

What could prevent the Smith family from taking home the prize money would be the actual language of the written out policy. There's a chance -- as Faribault Hockey Association fundraising chair Vance Vinar Jr. told national underwriter website Property Casualty -- that written into the policy for the center ice shot is that the person selected to participate must be the one to take the shot.

An insurance coverage specialist also told the website that since policies are contracts, the feeling that Odds On Promotions will award the Smith family the $50,000 as a gesture of goodwill seems like a reach considering the company would be breaking its own contract and outing itself of the money.

"If we get the money, we'll save it for college. It was pretty cool," said Nate Smith to KARE 11 in Minnesota.

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