Whoops: Embarrassing own-goal in Swiss League by Bern’s Ryan Gardner (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

Ryan Gardner is a former member of the London Knights who has played in the Swiss-A League since 1997, and has played for Bern for the last three seasons.

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He's likely had his share of gaffes during that career; we imagine this one, in a 5-2 loss to Logan Couture and Genève-Servette earlier this month, is now near the top of the list:

The Bern net was empty with just under two minutes to play, needing two goals to tie it. One of the Bern players fumbled a pass to Gardner before coming off on a line change. Gardner recovered along the boards but felt the forecheck rushing in, so he attempted to reverse course.

At first, it looked like Servette's Kevin Romy may have affected his pass with a stick check; the replay shows that Gardner just whiffed on it, sending the puck into an empty cage to clinch the win for his opponents. Juraj Simek, the last Servette player to touch the puck, was given credit for the goal.

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You can actually pinpoint the moment when Garnder's enthusiasm for his profession is drained out of his body:

That was like watching a car slowly slide into a snow embankment on an icy road.

This marks the second appearance for Genève-Servette on Puck Daddy during the lockout, having previously participated in a line brawl-filled game that saw a referee hit with a flag pole. And this is what the NHL lockout is costing us here in North America. Sad trombone …

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