Which NHL players would be absolutely awesome on ‘The Bachelor’?

Chris Soules’ quest to find true love ended Monday evening with his decision to choose [spoiler] and [spoiler] her.

Now America can go back to its daily routine and not worry about how some random farmer in Iowa got engaged after close to two months of dating someone he had never met before in his life.

But watching The Bachelor – the guiltiest of all guilty television pleasures – got me thinking. Would an NHL player work with this show? It would be tough. After all, taping is done in the fall, generally.  But if someone was picked early enough, maybe scheduling adjustments could be made? You only need like a month to make out with the entire cast of women, as Farmer Chris showed us.

A North American pro athlete hasn’t done the show since former New York Giants quarterback Jesse Palmer in 2004. And that brought a much broader appeal to the dating show that bizarrely draws scorn and declarations that male watchers to ‘give back their man card’. (I’ll have you know mine is in my wallet next to that spa gift card.)

Regardless, with another season over, we pondered: Which NHL player would make the best Bachelor or would have made the best Bachelor?

We left out players that are married for obvious reasons, those reasons being that Patrick Sharp would have been a stone-cold lock No. 1. Keep in mind we don’t know the official relationship statuses of guys on every team. Some of these guys may not officially be single. Then again, neither are many of the contestants …

Here are the eight NHL players we feel would make for great television, from the limo arrival to the final rose:

1. Michael Del Zotto, Philadelphia Flyers

As Lisa Ann pointed out earlier in the year, Del Zotto is looking for love. But he’s doing it in all the wrong places. Plus, it would be great to see him address his dating past on television. If nothing else, we know he can’t get defensive.

2. Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals

He’s swinging single again folks, and he’s having a blast. Plus, watching Ovi go to middle America for someone’s hometown would be priceless. Watching a contestant meet his folks in Moscow? Even better. And hey, if Ovechkin can’t win a ring, might as well give one to someone else, right?

3. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

Make all the women Canadian and then watch them play six degrees of knowing him.

4. Jack Eichel, Boston University

OK, he’s not an NHL player yet. And he’s 18 years old, so he can’t legally drink. But he clearly likes to have a good time. And he’s not afraid to voice his um … opinions on social life.

5. Drew Doughty, Los Angeles Kings

As we saw on EPIX Presents Road to the NHL Stadium Series … he’s just a bro. Would he wear a hat on his dates? Based on ice time alone, he should be able to handle the dating volume.

6. Jamie Benn and/or Tyler Seguin, Dallas Stars

Just so they could make their mother’s happy after that prank they pulled on those two poor ladies.

7. P.K. Subban, Montreal Canadiens

He’s one of the game’s most entertaining personalities, and would no doubt have a ton of fun on the show. In that we’re pretty sure he’d wear a GoPro camera in the fantasy suite. Worth it just to see him meet his one true love and then find out she’s from Boston.

8. Phil Kessel, Toronto Maple Leafs

While we can’t imagine he’d be down with cameras following him around for two months, the world needs to see Kessel in romance mode. We imagine it entails offering her the last beer while they play Xbox.


So those are our picks for NHL player on “The Bachelor.” Who are yours?

Josh Cooper is an editor for Puck Daddy and legitimately likes "The Bachelor" this much. Have a tip for the next Bachelor? Email him at or follow him on Twitter!