Weird stuff seen behind bench, Ovie Christ and Blues tattoo edition

Perhaps it's because the camera lingers longer there. Perhaps it's because the tickets cost so much they either (a) attract eccentric types or (b) are handed off by corporate interests to those with a flair for attention-seeking.

Whatever the reasons, every hockey fan who's ever watched a televised game has seen Weird Stuff Behind the Bench.

Usually it manifests itself as heaving cleavage between Pierre McGuire and Mike Babcock. Other times it's an Alex Ovechkin(notes) as Jesus Christ bit of hockey blasphemy, which was apparently capped by "vanblarcumc" during Saturday's loss to the Los Angeles Kings and then sent to us by "The Earl of Real Estate," who wrote: "I am a Caps fan and I even think this is crazy."

Well, of course it's crazy: If Ovechkin really were Christ-like, there's no way Alex Semin would spend so long on the injured list every season. Also, the entire rink would be turned into wine during Washington Capitals home victories. (If anyone knows the origin of this shirt, email us.)

Meanwhile, in St. Louis:

Harrison Milfeld of Gameshoe sent over this image from a St. Louis Blues game against the Minnesota Wild last week, asking: "Why would anyone in their right mind get a Blues tattoo there?"

Ah, therein lies the rub: If he's seated behind the Blues bench and wearing shorts on a night when the low was 18 degrees, perhaps "right mind" is a bit of an assumption, no?

Bottom line: Awesome tat.

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