Wayne Simmonds scores a goal off his face, looks like a bloody mess afterwards

Wayne Simmonds has been a godsend for the Philadelphia Flyers this season. He's brought toughness, hard work, and a willingness to go to the dirty areas to create offense.

On Saturday, he scored a goal and cued a Flyers' comeback from down 3-0 by doing exactly that, dashing to the goalmouth just as Brayden Schenn was putting a shot on goal. Once there, Simmonds was able to deflect the puck past Craig Anderson. By way of his face.

Now that's using your head! Talk about having a nose for the net! What an about face! And so on.

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Tons of insight from Dean Brown and Greg Millen as they view the replay:

Brown: "Ow."

Millen: "Ow."

Brown: "Ow."

Oh, and here's what Simmonds looked like during the second intermission:

Yikes. True or false: More players should wear visors.

Inspired by Simmonds putting his all -- and by all, I mean face -- into that goal, the Flyers would score twice more to tie the game before falling 4-3 in a shootout.

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