Wayne Gretzky trade agreement between Oilers, Kings available on eBay?

If you have $250,000 burning a hole in your bank account, then "snmontana" has an item you might be interested in on eBay: Original documents, allegedly signed by Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall and Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington, that officially traded Wayne Gretzky to LA in August 1988:

Yes. This is on eBay. To quote the great Henry Jones, Jr.: This belongs in a museum!

Oh, but it's not just the trade agreement.

It's a "one of a kind package" regarding the "Trade of the Century":

1. Original signed trade agreement between the Kings and Oilers documenting the "Trade of the Century", signed by Bruce McNall and Peter Pocklington.
2. Original signed contract with Bruce McNall. Signed by Wayne Gretzky and Bruce McNall.
3. Original and ONLY copy of audio taped conversations between Bruce McNall and Peter Pocklington and Glen Sather negotiating the "Trade of the Century"
4. Several additional important documents and correspondence related to the trade including the "lien release" of Pocklington's pledge of Wayne Gretzky to the "Province of Alberta Treasury Branches"

You can buy it now for $250,000 or bid for the next six days beginning at $125,000.

Now, having this pop up on eBay rather than, say, Sotheby's begs the question of authenticity. Like, for example, the fact that this agreement was signed two days after (Aug. 11) the Gretzky trade was announced on August 9, 1988. (Although the press conference was Aug. 11.)

McNall's signature, for example, is similar but not dead-on consistent with his other autographs. (Would the owners have been the ones to sign the document?) The audio tape, from a dictation-specific series of Maxell cassettes, is dated July 1988. Shoot, if this is authentic, the tapes alone might be worth the price.

On the "this is legit" side ... who would go through the trouble to forge a "lien release?"

So there you go. Make your bid. Or just ask McNall how much he wants for it.

s/t Félix Lévesque