Wayne Gretzky selling house he designed for $15 million, and it’s incredible (PHOTO/VIDEO)

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Wayne Gretzky custom designed a six bedroom, eight bath home in Thousand Oaks with Richard Landry, who has designed opulent houses for celebrities ranging from Sly Stallone to Tom Brady. It’s 10,815 square feet, but that doesn’t factor in the two guest houses, one of which is a full gym.

The NHL Hall of Famer has this palace on the market. And if you have an extra $14.995 million hiding in your couch cushions, well then, it can be yours if the price is right.

Here’s a glance at the Maison du Grand:

Another video tour is here.

Your $14.995 million purchase of the Gretzky home includes …

A sunken tennis court, which we imagine exists so Wayner can play the ball off the half-boards and over the net.

A [expletive] OUTDOOR WOOD-FIRED PIZZA OVEN, because nom nom nom …

This glorious gym in one of the guest houses, where Wayne can work out his frustrations while the NHL and the Phoenix Coyotes still owe him a billion dollars after the team’s bankruptcy.

This incredible bathroom, which you can use right after Marty McSorley gets out of the soaker tub.

Sadly, not included.

Oh, by the way: The Toronto media managed to create a rumor that Wayne Gretzky could become president of the Toronto Maple Leafs, spread said rumor and then dispeled said rumor in a matter of hours. Faster than a Cheetah, that echo chamber.

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