Watching Stanley Cup Final while camping in a national forest is awesome (Photo)

Casey Barrett and his beer league hockey teammates take an annual “Man-cation,” a.k.a. a trip sans wives and girlfriends and kids. This year, they went camping in Roosevelt National Forest, about an two hours northwest of Denver.

“Our collection of men came up with a place that got no cell phone service,” he said, “and yet we made watching hockey happen.”

That’s the campsite without Stanley Cup Playoff hockey.

“Usually we don't get to watch hockey because our 'Man-cation,' falls after when the Cup Final is over,” said Barrett, “but because of the weird season, we took advantage.”

This is the campsite with Stanley Cup Playoff hockey:

How did they pull this off?

“One of our teammates is a DirecTV employee, and he brought up a dish and receiver, another brought a generator and a third brought the TV,” said Barrett.

The teammates watched Game 5 between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins up in the mountains, in a middle of a national forest, which we imagine is a more memorable setting than that frat-y sports bar where you watched the game.

“We did also watch ‘Goon’, mostly because we had no desire to watch the pregame show,” he said.

Where’s the most memorable or unique place you watched a Stanley Cup Playoff game? Answers in the comments, please.

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