Watch weird double high-stick incident in Bruins vs. Rangers Game 3 (Video)

The officiating in the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs has been, shall we say, a tab underwhelming at times.

In Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, for example, Boston Bruins man mountain Zdeno Chara was on the receiving end of a high stick – previously only thought possible with the assistance of a cherry-picker or a giraffe – with no call.

Then, in the third period, this odd incident occurred:


As Bruins forward Tyler Seguin skated in on the New York Rangers defense, Steve Eminger wildly swung his stick and clipped Seguin. As Seguin recoiled in pain, the Bruin’s stick then clipped Rangers forward Chris Kreider, sending him face-first to the ice.

As Pierre McGuire said: It’s a mutual high-sticking. (Right before he told us in painstaking detail where the sticks played their junior hockey.)

To the surprise of no one that’s watched the officiating in this postseason, there were no penalties on this odd play.

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