Watch Swedish ref Soren Persson choke a player until he taps out (Video)

Hockey reffing is tough, but it's a whole lot tougher if the players don't respect your authority. The moment the skaters don't consider you a factor, you've lost control of the game, and then you're in trouble.

That in mind, you have to give it up to Sören Persson of the Swedish Hockey League, who went above and beyond during a recent game between Färjestad Bollklubb and the Växjö Lakers to keep things reined in.

When his efforts to contain a skater during a budding line brawl didn't work, he did what he had to do: he put the dude in a guillotine chokehold, and he kept him there until the player tapped out. Behold, the most badass ref around:

That's Norwegian forward Marius Holtet of Färjestad Bollklubb tapping out, and then giving that hilariously confused, penitent look when he's finally released. The scold he gets from Persson is almost as funny as the chokehold that precedes it.

If you're wondering why the referee seems a little tougher than most, it's worth noting that Persson plied his trade for years as a defenseman in Swedish hockey before retiring back in 2000 and getting into officiating. He's played he game, and he knows, sometimes, the players only respond to being choked.

s/t Reddit Hockey.

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