Watch stunt driver score trick-shot goals with an ice-sliding Alfa Romeo (Video)

Every hockey team wants a big body that can score goals; preferably one that has some wheels, too.

That established: We imagine this Alfa Giulietta by Alfa Romeo U.K. will be one of the most sought after international free agents next summer for the NHL; seriously, look how it drives to the net ...

That. Was. Awesome. Well, save for the lack of Ryan Gosling.

From the Toronto Star, some additional details:

The crazy, improbable feat involved an Alfa Giulietta being driven by stunt driver Paul Swift against the UK's top ice hockey team, Coventry Blaze. Once placed in the car's all weather mode, Swift was able to deftly slide the car across the blue line to make two unbelievable trick shots.

The first involved redirecting a pass from Coventry defenceman Dave Phillips off the driver side tire and into the back of the net. And the second involved reversing at high speed and pulling a 180 to hit the puck like a point shot from the blue line.

The "Citizen Kane" of hockey-meets-cars remains the segment from "Top Gear" in which 10 Suzuki Swifts played with a giant puck in Norway. This clip certainly has its charms, though; hopefully inspiring the NHL to add defensive driving to the All-Star Skills competition.

At the very least, we have a player whose tires Roberto Luongo can legitimately pump; and we now know that besides 624 NHL players, Scott Gomez is also being outscored by an Italian automobile.

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