Watch Sedin Twins play H-O-R-S-E, as basketball weeps (Video)

The Vancouver Canucks have an ongoing series called “Sedin vs. Sedin,” in which hockey wonder twins Henrik and Daniel Sedin battle in a series of daunting challenges. Although once you’ve dragged Anson Carter to 33 goals, is any challenge really that daunting?

The latest battle features the Bros. Sedin playing some basketball, specifically the game “H-O-R-S-E,” in which they attempt to replicate each other’s shots until someone spells out the titular name. (In Swedish, it’s “häst,” so once again American proves its awesomeness with a game that’s one shot longer.)

And what a competition! Imagine LeBron vs. Jordan on their respective primes. Now imagine the complete, total, uncompromising opposite and you’ll have captured the spirit of two Swedish hockey players attempting to make a layup before just giving up on all creativity and turning it into a free-throw competition.

We do have to give major props to Henrik Sedin for rocking that “Big Country” Reeves Vancouver Grizzlies jersey, although it does seem oddly appropriate after seeing the range of his jumper.

(Luckily, neither of them chose a Stevie Francis jersey and decided never to step foot in Vancouver.)

We won’t reveal who wins, but we can confirm that basketball lost …