Watch school children surprise Vancouver Giants fans with flash mob (VIDEO)

Most flash mobs are used for entertainment purposes and as a way to surprise those in vicinity; like at a mall, a park or, if you're Andrew Ference, to help celebrate your day with the Stanley Cup.

Last weekend, about 1,800 children from local Vancouver schools attended the Vancouver Giants-Everett Silvertips game and performed a flash mob of their own, with a purpose. The message? Anti-bullying. The children wore pink t-shirts with "Acceptance" on them and late in the second period of the game threw off their jackets and performed to One Direction's "That's What Makes You Beautiful":

If that song wasn't already embedded in your head ... sorry.

The Vancouver School Board website says that they spent months practicing and learning the choreography for the routine. Impressive showing by the kids. We can't even organize a proper lunch order at Puck Daddy HQ.

We're kind of shocked, however, that this took place in Vancouver and they didn't call Harrison Mooney to participate after his performance in "Call the Union". Maybe it was the capri pants and/or the massive amounts of gyrating that turned them off.

Yeah, definitely the gyrating.

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