Watch Patrick Roy go after Bruce Boudreau, nearly through the benches’ glass (Video)

Late in the Colorado Avalanche’s 6-1 dismantling of the Anaheim Ducks, rookie Nathan MacKinnon was hit by Ben Lovejoy of the Ducks.

It was a dirty hit – seemingly knee-on-knee.

Avalanche rookie coach Patrick Roy let his displeasure about the incident known to Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau, in what's already the wildest scene of the young NHL season:

Yes, that’s cool and collected Coach Roy shoving the glass partition at Boudreau twice, as the two pointed fingers and threatened each other. Corey Perry and Patrick Maroon then shoved it back at Roy, who was ushered away by his assistant coaches before a full-on bench brawl began.

(Can the stat-heads quantify how coach fights positively or negatively affect goal-scoring?)

"That was a knee-to-knee hit, and should have been a penalty in my opinion. When it's 6-0, this game doesn't need that kind of cheap shot. After that, there was some talk from coaches I guess," Roy said. "What should I do? He put his fourth line on the ice, and I'm not going to put my first line out, so I put my fourth line out."

"I matched his lines all night," Roy added.

Said Boudreau after the game, on his confrontation with Roy: "A coach has no right to start yapping at players. I told him its bush league."

Well, in fairness to Roy, yelling at opposing players isn’t really that bush league when compared to throwing a glass-tilting temper-tantrum in one’s first NHL game with a 5-goal lead. Imagine if the Avs were down and someone was actually hurt on the play; it’s possible he would have sent Boudreau an anthrax letter and then shot him in the groin as he opened it.

All that said: Damn it’s good to have Patrick Roy back in the NHL. He cray-cray.