Watch one of hockey’s slickest shootout moves through the eyes of the shooter (Video)

You've seen this shootout move a bunch of times. The shooter drifts in, he scoops the puck up on his stick, he does a twirl, and he whips it top-corner on the goaltender. Nifty! But you've probably never seen it from the perspective of the shooter, you know, because you're not good enough at hockey to do it yourself.

But now you don't have to be! In this video, the trick shot is filmed not from the stands, as it normally is, but from a Go Pro camera mounted on the shooter's helmet. It's like watching it through your own eyes (if your eyes were mounted on your helmet).

You even score! Way to go, you!

Hey, look at that! Now you've been drafted! Here's a big bag of money!

What's that, you can only do this move? Great. Now you're in the AHL forever. Way to blow it.