Watch NHL linesmen survive epic fight between Andrew Shaw, Antoine Roussel (Video)

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As part of the NHL’s “mandatory helmet” rule for hockey fights, linesmen have been instructed to step in to stop a fight if a helmet comes flying off one of the combatants.

That’s what Andy McElman (#90) and Vaughan Rody (#73) did when Andrew Shaw’s lid came off during a brawl off the faceoff with Antoine Roussel of the Dallas Stars.

Only the players weren’t done punching, and weren’t about to let the zebras get in the way of their pummeling. So they punched over, around and through them.

Two words: Hazard Pay.

Typically, the linesmen step in when a helmet is intentionally removed, and when it’s safe for them to do so But considering the NHL is being sued for player safety measures, including its approach to fighting, mayhaps they’re being more vigilant about it.

Whatever the case, Rody took some stiff shots to his protected head during the tussle, while McElman might have a future in rodeo with that tackle on Shaw. Oh, if only they were mic’d up here:

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