Watch Mr. T score from center ice during Blackhawks game (Video)

Puck Daddy

A day after Jim Belushi awkwardly held court at center ice during the "Shoot the Puck" intermission game, the Chicago Blackhawks invited a true American hero to try tonight between the second and third periods of their tilt against the Calgary Flames.

When Belushi fails to deliver, you bring in a better 1980s entertainment icon. So the Blackhawks went out and got Mr. T, a man who known for getting things done.

It wasn't his first time doing this, but the man once known as Clubber Lang still had a familiar prediction: Pain!

(Also: success)

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

As Mr. T referenced in his pre-shot interview, he participated in "Shoot the Puck" back in 2011, and that practice helped him make his shot tonight.

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And if you're wondering, no, those weren't Jersey Fouls either time. It's Mr. T after all. He'll always get a pass.

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