Watch Miroslav Tretina’s airhook goal in Czech Republic (Video)

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September is almost here. Live hockey is creeping up on us, but over in Europe many teams are already in preseason getting ready for the new year.

One of those teams, the Czech Republic's HC Ceske Budejovice lost an exhibition tilt to HC Kladno earlier this week 5-2, but the game was highlighted by Miroslav Tretina, who went into his trick bag and pulled off the airhook goal:

Technically, can that even be classified as an airhook? He basically chips it to himself before batting it in. But still, as always with this type of moves, it takes a lot of huevos to even think to attempt.

Where did this style of shot originate? No, it wasn't conceived by Mike Legg of the University of Michigan when he pulled the move off during the 1996 NCAA tournament. Credit Bill Armstrong, who spent his career in the minor leagues after playing one NHL game with the Philadelphia Flyers.

You might feel like the air hook goal is getting kind of played, but like the Winter Classic -- in that as long as people keep buying the tickets, they'll continue to be scheduled -- as long as goalies leave that top portion of the net uncovered, brave players will keep trying.

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