Watch Mark Giordano’s desperation save on Anaheim empty-net goal attempt (VIDEO)

The last minute of Calgary's game against the Anaheim Ducks was frustrating for the Flames, who came away from the key Western Conference game with zero points thanks to Ryan Getzlaf's goal with 46 seconds left on Friday night.

But defenseman Mark Giordano did provide a brief moment of glory, with one of the best hustle plays of the season:

Anaheim forward Niklas Hagman launched the puck from his own end toward the Calgary Flames net, his shot slowly morphing into a scene from a curling match as the puck slowly slid near the goal line. But Giordano never gave up on the play and made a lunging stop to prevent the empty netter. (Hagman failing to score a goal in a game involving Calgary? Why, it's like he's wearing the Flaming 'C' again!)

Giordano's a gamer. There can be no doubt about that. Just look at his face, after taking a puck against the Phoenix Coyotes on Thursday. From the Calgary Herald:

"It could have been worse," Giordano said Friday morning, his upper lip badly swollen and stitched together. "Good thing I had my mouth guard in. It probably saved a bunch of my teeth."

He rubbed his index finger on his right front tooth and the right incisor. "These two were pushed back," he said. "Hopefully, I can save them."

The Flames lost to the Ducks, 3-2.

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