Watch Marc Crawford go off on opposing coach during Swiss league playoffs (Video)


Marc Crawford is no stranger to going off on an opposing coach while on his team’s bench. Remember the 1997 Western Conference Final against the Red Wings?

Nearly 20 years later, Crawford still has that edge and the ZSC Lions head coach took out some frustrations on EHC Biel head coach Kevin Schläpfer during a Swiss League playoff game on Saturday.

With Biel holding a 5-0 lead in the third period, things started to bubble over, and a dust-up ensued between Henrik Tallinder and Spylo Ahren. Via Bardown, when Schlapfer said something to Tallinder, Crawford had enough.

WARNING: VERY NSFW language (unless you have a really cool boss):

"If Schläpfer wants to mess with me, let him. But with a player? That will not do," Crawford said.

"I did not know what Crawford wanted. I've seen that he's jumped up [on] the plexi, and [was] a little frightened," Schläpfer joked afterward, referencing the 1997 incident.

"Those who know me know so that he had a point with Hollywood," he told 20 Minuten.

Just an all-around quality outburst by Crawford. And now Schläpfer will forever will dubbed "Hollywood" wherever he goes. Win-win for the former NHL bench boss.

And speaking of wins, ZSC, who have won two of the last three National League A titles, came back to even the series in Game 2 with a 3-1 victory.

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