Watch ‘Leaving the Ice’, Russia Today’s moving documentary on the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl crash

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If you've got a half hour, get comfortable and watch "Leaving the Ice", Russia Today's moving documentary on the tragic plane crash that took the lives of each member of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team in one of the most stunning tragedies we've ever seen in sports.

The documentary, released Friday on the one-year anniversary of the accident, takes you through the crash, checks in with some of the players' families, and investigates the inspiring legacy the players left behind. While you're getting comfortable, get tissues too.

Pretty much all of it is heart-breaking, but I was especially affected when the documentary touched on Alexander Galimov. He was the only Lokomotiv player to survive the initial impact, but he passed away five days later of severe burns.

"When he played hockey," says the narrator, "He was always the last to leave the ice."

And Galimov's widow, with an especially poignant statement immediately afterward: "Everybody says that time heals all wounds, but it does not. It simply teaches you to carry on living with these thoughts."

s/t to Ilya Zhodzishsky.

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