Watch Kris Versteeg, Jason Demers perform unique dance at Devin Setoguchi's wedding (Video)


Congratulations, Devin Setoguchi! Not only did you and your beautiful bride just get hitched, but you received one of the best gifts a friend can give - a choreographed dance to Sia's 'Chandeliers.'

Haven't even mentioned the best part: two of the dancers - in unitards - are former teammates, Jason Demers (Dallas Stars) and Kris Versteeg (Chicago Blackhawks). Or as they are now known, 'Bobby Sparkler and the Hockeymen Underwear NHL Dancers.'

Demers took it upon himself to release the video to the world via Twitter. (NSFW are the ... ahem ... special purposes of the dancers)

Well, at least we can see who has been keeping up with their off-season training regimen.

Stick-tap wedding videographer Chris Hennessy

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