Watch Kevin Bieksa’s tooth fly out after Mike Fisher's punch (Video)

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Mike Fisher isn’t exactly known as one of the NHL’s most feared pugilists. But as Kevin Bieksa’s dentist will likely discover, the Nashville Predators center can puck a punch. 

In the first period between the Nashville Predators and the Anaheim Ducks, Bieksa and Fisher were jabbing at each other with their sticks. Their gloves flew off and a huggy-grabby fight ensued, with some solid jabs by both players.

As the video shows, one strong left from Fisher square in the middle of Bieksa’s face knocked one of the Ducks defenseman’s teeth out. It just sort of dangled in his mouth, and then awkwardly rested between his lips like he was smoking the world’s smallest cigarette.

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Here’s another look:

So Bieksa made a bad decision and lost something he cared about. The least Mike Fisher could do is ask Carrie Underwood to write a stereotypical country song about it.

Oh, who are we kidding: Bieksa's been around long enough that it's probably a fake Chicklet.

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