Watch Jose Theodore snag Rafael Nadal’s ball, never spill his beer at Rogers Cup (Video)

Puck Daddy

Jose Theodore is known for having a strong glove hand during his days as an NHL goaltender. This prowess was recently on display in a rather unlikely venue: The Rogers Cup tennis final between Milos Raonic and Rafael Nadal.

According to Florida Panthers beat writer Harvey Fialkov, here’s Theodore in his fancy hat making a remarkable snag of an errant Nadal shot on Sunday:

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Make sure you check out the replay moments after the initial catch. They may not play baseball in Montreal anymore, but they can still shag foul balls with the best of them, apparently.

And yes: The single most extraordinary thing about that catch was that Jose Theodore didn’t spill a drop of his beer, which he was holding in the same hand as his cell phone. Most impressive. Jakub Markstrom wishes he had that level of multitasking.

Theodore is an unrestricted free agent, looking for an NHL gig. Failing that, perhaps a ball boy spot at the U.S. Open will suffice.

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