Watch hockey-playing Battaglia brothers introduce themselves in Amazing Race premiere (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

Season 22 of the Amazing Race premieres Sunday, February 17 on CTV and CBS, and if you were waiting for some sort of hockey tie-in before you gave yourself over to a season of the reality show, this is your year. Former NHLer Bates Battaglia and his brother make up one of the cast's 11 teams.

Back in January, we featured a chat with Bates about the upcoming program. Now, courtesy of CBS, here's a clip of the brothers from the premiere episode:

In the first episode, the teams arrive in Bora Bora, where three duos throw in the towel during the first Roadblock of the season. Lord, I hope it's not these two, especially since hockey player representation on primetime television is criminally low and I'd like this rare treat to last awhile, not to mention I strongly believe Anthony's ability to remove his own teeth would prove very useful on a trip around the world.

I have nothing to support this belief. I'm sort of hoping the show will do that for me.

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