Watch goalie Nick Boucher’s WWE-style run-in for line brawl sucker punch (VIDEO)

Continuing Puck Daddy's unofficial CHL anarchy day, there was a line brawl on Friday night between the Fort Wayne Komets and the Bloomington Blaze just 1:53 into the game; an incident tied to a concussion suffered by Komets captain Colin Chaulk earlier in the week during a fight with Bloomington defenseman Ryan Palmer.

Things got really interesting when the goalies got involved in the fight … including Nick Boucher of the Komets, who entered the fray with the velocity of a comet to deliver a sucker punch to Blaze goaltender Brian Mahoney-Wilson's face.

("MY GAWD THAT'S NICK BOUCHER'S MUSIC!!!" — Reasons why we wish Jim Ross called hockey ….)

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From Justin Cohn of the Journal Gazette:

The brawl resulted in 43 penalty minutes with Molle and Boucher being ejected and Mahoney-Wilson leaving with a broken nose.

"You never want to see a guy go down like that," said Boucher, who faced only two shots. "It was in the heat of the moment. Looking back now, I wish I would have just tied (Mahoney-Wilson) up instead of coming in with fists flying."

We're actually quite happy with the decision you made, Mr. Boucher. More coverage from here on the fight and the 5-4 Bloomington victory.