Watch Gabriel Landeskog and Victor Hedman sing ABBA, and prepare to send an S.O.S. (VIDEO)

It's just assumed that certain regions have songs by their representative artists committed to memory: New Jerseyans and Bruce Springsteen, Canadians and Stompin' Tom Connors and, of course, the Swedish and ABBA.

To that end, perhaps the biggest surprise in the following video is that Gabriel Landeskog of the Colorado Avalanche and Victor Hedman of the Tampa Bay Lightning need any lyrical assistance at all. OK, actually, the biggest surprise is that these guys killed it on "S.O.S."

Hedman looks like a stoic Benicio Del Toro being forced to perform Swedish karaoke until the end, when he raises his arms and gives an Arsenio "whoop whoop."

Landeskog, however, is using a complicated cross-leg toe tap to keep time and, frankly, is the better singer who looks like he knows his way around a Benny Andersson/Björn Ulvaeus tune.

That friends, is the stuff of a Calder winner. Your move, Nuge; may we suggest "Waterloo"?

Meanwhile … ATT: NHL. Hedman. Landeskog. Talbot. Simmonds. Sing-off, dance-off. Ratings gold.

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