Watch dumbest analysis of Calgary Flames no-goal you’ll ever see (Video)

Ladies and gentlemen, Global News’ News Hour Calgary has cracked the case of that Game 3 no-goal wide open.

Sherlockian in their investigative aims, the news team meticulously recreated the conditions that led to a video review of Sam Bennett’s third-period shot that was saved by Ducks goalie Fredrik Andersen.

They said it would take a building full of NASA super-computers to fully render a 3-D virtual model that perfectly captured what happened at that moment. They were wrong – all it took was one dude placing the puck where he thought it was when Andersen saved it.

But News Hour Calgary, you say, what about the idea that the puck wasn’t actually where the nice man placed it but was rather was floating above the red line and the entire thing was one regrettable optical illusion?

Hey, cram it with your “logic” and stuff! Obviously the puck is where they said it is because you totally saw it on the overhead replay after the shot.


Luckily, all’s well that end’s well and the Calgary Flames won in overtime to cut their series deficit to the Anaheim Ducks to 2-1. 

But if there is any kind of controversy in Game 4 … any type of chicanery … anything that might harm our boys’ march to a series deadlock … just know that News Hour Calgary is on the J-O-B.