Watch crushing disappointment of Blue Jackets fans as their team loses NHL Draft Lottery (VIDEO)

The 2012 NHL Draft Lottery was a cruel joke from the Hockey Gods. The rich got richer, as the Edmonton Oilers' inept management was rewarded with a third consecutive No. 1 draft pick, the first time that's happened since the Quebec Nordiques went Sundin/Nolan/Lindros just over 20 years ago.

The poor … well, didn't get poorer necessarily, as the No. 2 overall pick will still give the Columbus Blue Jackets, who had the best odds to win the lottery, a hell of a hockey player. But the lottery robbed the team and the fans of a silver lining, a moment of glory rescued from the giant suck that was this black hole of a season. And it looked and sounded like this (s/t Deadspin):

Around the 26-second mark, you hear a fan scream "FAIL FOR NAIL", the rallying cry of futility that targeted top prospect Nail Yakupov in this year's draft. Then NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly reveals the Edmonton Oilers won the lottery. Then everyone screams "NOOOOOO!!!!" Then a guy in a Ryan Johansen jersey throws his hat. And then he puts his hat back on, in a "I hate this hat as much as I hate the Edmonton Oilers and/or lottery balls" sort of way. Then everyone is still angry. And ... scene.

Martini Hockey, which had the video, sees this as a cautionary tale against the "FAIL FOR NAIL" mentality, writing "be careful what you wish for." More from Martini here in a post called "A Question of Balls."

Dark Blue Jacket wonders if the NHL should cap the number of consecutive seasons a team can win the lottery (not a bad thought, actually) and sums up the CBJ fan experience thusly: "Heck with it. I'm bitter. After all the crap I as a Blue Jackets fan went through this season, I wanted the solace in knowing that at least it put my team in the catbird seat this draft season. Now, I won't even get that."