Watch Chris Thorburn dangle Ryan Miller for goal; Jets fans chant ‘silver medal’ (VIDEO)

The Winnipeg Jets were given some national television love in the U.S. on Monday, putting some of the most raucous fans in hockey and the players they support in a significant spotlight.

Squarely in that spotlight: The Jets' GST Line of Tanner Glass, Jim Slater and Chris Thorburn, which is one of the best energy lines in the NHL. Not only because of their grittiness, but because of their surprising skill … like this ridiculous dangle by Thorburn against Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. Holy smokes, who knew he had those hands?

After three wins, an OT loss and two shutouts on this road trip — earning him player of the week honors — it was a frustrating Monday night for Miller. His team lost a chance to match the Jets in points for the No. 8 seed, losing at Winnipeg 3-1.

(UPDATE: Ryan Miller says no dangle. "He drove the net hard and kinda bailed on the play, put it in my pads. He got a nice bounce back to him. So it looked like a sick toe-drag … he dumped it off my pad when he thought he was going to cut off and — poof — it's straight back on his tape. I'll give him credit for driving the net and making a pretty goal, but I don't want him to get too cocky, that greasy kid. I don't want him talking about how he toe-dragged everyone." Via Illegal Curve.)

But he was also summarily mocked by the Jets fans, who gave him Bronx cheers when he stopped routine pucks, chanted "Millll-er!" and really upped the taunting ante with this singsong in the third period:

That's right: Winnipeg Jets fans were chanting "Silver Medal!" at the U.S. Olympic goalie who came up one win short in 2010. Damn, yo.

The Jets now have 72 points, three ahead of the Washington Capitals. Would the Rangers or Bruins want to play three playoff games in Winnipeg this April?