Watch Canucks’ David Booth shoot a black bear with a bow for Wild TV (VIDEO)

Harrison Mooney

Two weeks ago, Vancouver Canucks' winger David Booth tweeted a photo of a black bear that he had killed during a hunting expedition in Alberta. He didn't give any insight into what weapon he used to take down the bear, but we suspected that it was a bow, Booth's noted weapon of choice.

Now we know. On Saturday, Booth tweeted a video of the kill, which is set to air on an upcoming episode of "The Edge", a program on Canadian hunting and fishing network, Wild TV. It features Booth loading his bow and firing an arrow into the bear's side.

Between Katniss in "The Hunger Games", Hawkeye in "The Avengers", and now David Booth killing this bear, I think I've seen more archery in the last two weeks than over the rest of my life combined.

I enjoyed watching the Under Armour logo come slowly into focus. Think this show has a sponsor?

Booth came under fire for tweeting the photo of the bear back on May 1, so there's no doubt that he'll likely see some flak for tweeting a video of the kill. With that in mind, he added the following message along with the video: "You have every right not to watch just like I have the right to choose to hunt."

Anyway, if you're feeling like the bears never win, you can always go watch "Grizzly Man."