Watch Canuck fans belt out harmony-heavy fan anthem, ‘Season of Cup’ (VIDEO)

The NHL lockout is over and the season is less than a week away, which means it's finally time for the fans to transition from songs of protest back to songs of fan support. First up for the 2013 season: Clay Imoo, a member of the Canucks Hockey Blog coalition that releases new songs at his Youtube channel on the regular.

His latest, "Season of Cup", a take on "Seasons of Love" from the musical Rent, is downright incredible. As he often does, Imoo has put together a talented roster of vocalists to sing his earnestly pro-Canucks anthem, and the vocalists just crushed it:

I'd like Vancouver's chances in a fan glee club battle.

You may not agree with the sentiment -- this ditty could easily be interpreted as Canuck fan hubris, especially the part where they assume everyone is a Canuck -- but it's pretty tough to disagree with those harmonies. Marie Hui, Arielle Tuliao, Joseph San Jose and Gary de Guzman have some serious pipes.

Granted, well-sung as it is, lifting songs from "Rent" won't convince anybody Canuck fans are tough. But I've seen a group of them flip over a car, too.

If you were wondering, the 172,800 seconds refers to the amount of time in a team's 48-game season. That's regulation time, of course. Overtime completely ruins the tally the way the leap year ruins the "525,600 minutes" around which "Seasons of Love" is based. (The song should really go: "How do you measure, measure a non-leap Gregorian calendar year?")

Of course, considering the song is about winning the Stanley Cup, maybe Imoo and company should have factored a lengthy playoff run into their count. That's the same mistake the Canucks made last year.

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