Watch Canadians freak out at Marie-Philip Poulin’s gold-medal winning goal (Videos)

There were two heroes in Thursday morning's gold medal game between Canada and the United States: Marie-Philip Poulin, and the goal post. Shortly after the post made a stop that kept the American gold medal from being a fait accompli, Poulin went to work, sending the game into overtime and, once there, snatching the gold medals from the Americans' necks with a powerplay goal.

For American hockey fans, who have been waiting for their women to break through against Canada since women's hockey landed in the Olympics, it was a devastating loss. For Canadians, though, well, it was pretty great.

And boy, did they celebrate. Because of the day and time of the game, there aren't a whole lot of reactions from bars. (Although this video from Real Sports in Toronto is pretty good.) But there are a great many reactions from schools and workplaces.

Toronto city council went nuts, which has yielded this incredible GIF of Rob Ford jumping up and down. Turns out Ford loves women's gold almost as much as he loooooves narcotics.

Many schools across the country allowed their students to watch the game in gymnasiums and hallways. Here's Thornhill, Ontario's Westmount Collegiate Institute exploding at the winner:

Havergal College, a Toronto girls school, went nuts. This is my favourite one, because of all the shrieking:

Notre Dame High school -- I believe the one in Vancouver -- may not have matched the enthusiasm, but someone had a whistle, so there's that:

Here's Canadian radio hosts Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro, reacting to the win during a live broadcast:

In keeping with the radio theme, the ladies of CKDR radio in Dryden, Ontario (and one dude) could hardly contain themselves:

The Canadians on the Edmonton Oilers were pretty excited about it:

And they weren't the only team. The reigning Memorial Cup champion Halifax Mooseheads' reaction was captured, and boisterous:

And finally, we are all this guy:

I think he speaks for all of Canada when he says yessssssss.

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