Watch Bruins fan rough up Lightning mascot Thunderbug after silly stringing (Video)

Tampa Bay Lightning mascot Thunderbug is a pest, both in entomology and in actions. He's been known to terrorize spring breakers. Before games against the Flyers, he'd "punch out" a guy dressed like Rocky before the opening faceoff.

On Tuesday night, Thunderbug either engaged in a hilarious comedy bit or an unintentionally hilarious assault involving a Boston Bruins fan. The fan got lippy; the mascot responded with a spray of Silly String; then the Bruins guy went the full Lucic in response.

Well, that escalated quickly.

Seeing the panicked, hasty response from the arena personnel, we're going to go ahead and guess "not a comedy bit." (But given the nature of the incident, we still have some doubts.) We eagerly await the NHL Department of Player Safety's ruling on this clear hit from behind ...

That established, what's most embarrassing: Getting a Silly String shower from a mascot; having that mascot taunt you as you're ejected from your seat; or watching your team lose to an opponent 21 points its lesser?

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The silly stringing of opposing fans is a time-honored NHL tradition. For example: Witness Harvey the Hound in Calgary cover a Lightning fan with the stuff.

Still, a pretty ballsy move by Thunderbug. Next time the Bruins are in Tampa, they need to bring some mascot muscle of their own. Because it's been well established that Tampa fans fear the Bruins Bear.

s/t Mike Corcoran.

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