Watch Bob McKenzie’s sick burn on Mike Milbury’s GM career (Video)

You know what’s been fun? Having the venerable Bob McKenzie on American television. He’s been a part of NBCSN’s coverage this season, offering insider knowledge on big issues and doing desk work with Mike Milbury between p

You know what’s even more fun? Seeing him zing Milbury about being a terrible GM for the New York Islanders:

The setup: a conversation between the two about the Toronto Maple Leafs. The exchange:

MILBURY: "He's not been an NHL coach, not been an NHL GM. I wish I'd done that, skipped right to the presidency, get rid of those menial jobs."

MCKENZIE: "So do the New York Islanders."



Please keep in mind that it’s generally agreed upon that Milbury was the worst GM in NHL history while with the New York Islanders.

Even though it’s #RivarlyNight, the two shared a laugh about the zinger, which indicates nothing except that Jeremy Roenick wasn’t working on NBCSN that night and the entire thing didn’t descend into a catty wailing.