Watch the best of Sean Avery, guest fashion judge on ‘Project Runway All Stars’ (Video)

Puck Daddy

Sean Avery, formerly of the New York Rangers and currently toiling with the AHL Connecticut Whale, has been involved in the fashion industry for years; from his internship with Vogue to his occasional modeling to his fancy glasses.

On Thursday night, he fulfilled what we imagine was a years-long dream. No, not a line of Sean Avery designer suit shorts at H&M; he was a guest judge on "Project Runway All Stars", critiquing the outfits created using clothes from random people in Central Park. Here's the essential Avery from last night's episode, getting his Tim Gunn on.

"Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on acid." Pretty sure he used the same chirp on Max Talbot once, to his confusion …

Avery's first run-in with "Project Runway" fame was back in 2008, when he appeared on a live post-show chat back during its run on Bravo. Hence, being on last night's panel must be as fulfilling as Dustin Penner appearing as a judge on "Iron Chef America: Battle Flapjacks."

Check out a full recap in Hit Fix and some video of Avery with context over on AOL. Now, let's all spend the rest of our day wondering how one "does a double back" on a woman walking by them. 'Cause it sounds sort of gross.

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