Watch the Bakersfield Condors condor go wild on ice before game (VIDEO)

Usually when we're featuring the ECHL's Bakersfield Condors, it's because of some wacky promotion, like a Justin Bieber contract offer, or a funny theme jersey, like one designed like a wrestling singlet.

Before their Friday night game against the Las Vegas Wranglers (Hey, two Puck Daddy favorites!), a real, live condor was to be at center ice atop a perch during the national anthem, accompanied by its handler. Maybe it didn't like the vocal abilities of the singer or just had better plans because the condor felt it needed to make a break for it.

The fact that the bird beast didn't fly away with a small child in the crowd is a miracle.

Credit to the Condors players and head coach Matt O'Dette for sticking their ground, somewhat, and not taking swings at the bird beast as it made its way toward them.

Now, funny as all of this is, we should note that it's downright shameful the condor couldn't respect the anthem. Is it because he's an Andean condor, native to South America, not a California condor, so the anthem meant nothing to him? Or perhaps he's just a communist.

Well. You just became Don Cherry's least favourite mascot, Commie the Condor.

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