Watch Artem Anisimov score what might be the stupidest goal of the year (Video)

We like to take a moment to appreciate lovely goals here at Puck Daddy, but today we're going as far in the other direction as the 2013-14 NHL season has taken us to date. Friday night versus the Montreal Canadiens, Artem Anisimov scored what might be ugliest, most ridiculous, stupidest-looking goal you see all year.

Feast your eyes on this wackadoo trainwreck of a scoring play:

That. Just. Happened. Amazing to me that the Edmonton Oilers managed to go nearly four home games without scoring a single goal in a league where something like this is a possibility. I mean, good lord.

Let's take a moment to appreciate all the nonsense necessary for this puck to cross the goal line.

First of all, we have Nikita Nikitin blowing a wide-open snapshot from the top of the zone by tripping over… something. I don't even know. Honestly, that blooper alone is so hilarious that even if a goal hadn't followed, I might have still made sure this clip landed on the blog.

But then Anisimov pounces on the puck, chopping it towards the goal -- not so much in an attempt to score, but to prevent the Canadiens from breaking back the other way. The puck lilts harmlessly towards Daniel Briere, who tries to swat it away, only to launch it high into the air.

While this is going on, Jared Boll heads towards the Montreal net, as one does, and is knocked down by Douglas Murray (for no reason, so thanks for that, Murray). He crashes into Peter Budaj, knocking him over, and as Budaj hops back up to his feet and tries to locate the puck, it comes down from on high and rolls harmlessly past him and into the net. Tra-la-la.

That's one way to describe it. Another way is as it's listed in the NHL's official play-by-play for the game: a wrist shot.

Hockey is silly game.