Watch 6-year-old boy slap shot loose tooth out of mouth (Video)

Like many six-year-olds, little Alex is losing his baby teeth.

Like any hockey player, he knows losing a Chiclet on a slap shot is a rite of passage.

So with some parental supervision -- and kids, don't try this at home without some -- Alex combined his passion for the game with some amateur dentistry and yanked his own tooth out.

By tying it “super tight” to a puck and then firing the disc at the goal.

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(Has Shea Weber considered this as a side job?)

According to his father, the experiment was a success, and Alex now has an official hockey smile. And, not for nothing, an incredible hockey set-up in his basement. Things have come a long way since Sidney Crosby fired pucks at a washer/dryer.

Question is, does this moment put him on the road to becoming an oral surgeon or winning the shot accuracy contest at the 2030 NHL All-Star Game?